There is a lot more to Human Beings than just the physical body; there are deeper levels and layers beyond the physical form.  We all have the ability to think, feel and intuitively perceive in one form or another.

One word which can be used to define the essence within ourselves is ‘Consciousness’. Consciousness can be defined as the innate organising ‘force’ and intelligence that is present within all things on every level.

For thousands of years, Human Beings lived in tribal communities.  In these tribal cultures it was the Shaman of the tribe who took care of the health of the people. Some Shaman were herbalists who worked with Nature to restore health, whereas others dealt with ‘non physical’ symptoms; which today, we would say were mental, emotional or spiritual conditions.

The Shaman would connect with the ‘unseen’ (non-physical) aspects of the particular Human Being who was being treated and then communicate with the ‘spirit’ of the individual to ascertain the nature of the affliction and what course of treatment was required.  In other words, the Shaman would act as a medium between the visible and invisible worlds to work with the Consciousness of the person being treated, to resolve the issue currently preventing that person from living a balanced and quality life.

From this Shamanic viewpoint, the Consciousness of each individual knows the answers, remedies and requirements to bring alignment and balance back into the person’s life.  When we tap into our innate Consciousness, we can utilise that inner-knowing to quickly and smoothly get back into harmony with the life-path we came here to enjoy.

The stresses of modern living can produce imbalances in us all.  These imbalances may manifest as physical, mental, emotional or any other form of non-physical symptoms; including a sense of feeling stuck.

I use intuitive processes to assist you to become more receptive to the natural state of wellbeing that already exists within you.

The resulting transformation can allow feelings and perceptions to change, allowing new levels of awareness and insight to come through. When we feel better, it is easier to think more positively and perceive solutions; our health improves and life flows more easily.

Over the years I have studied a broad range of health-related and metaphysical material as well as various healing modalities. Flower Essences have been part of my studies and together with my life experience have been a catalyst for an ongoing inner journey that has assisted me to transform my life.

I have recently been inspired to co-create a range of Flower Essences.

The plant kingdom has consistently provided healing for mankind for thousands of years.

Flower essences help us to restore the electrical-emotional balance through mind, body and energetic systems. Each flower essence has its unique attributes. This correction provides us with energetic balance and support, as we take the steps to restore ease and quality on the ‘path of our life’ before us.

Flower Essences assist us to make this transformative process as easy and smooth as possible.


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