Flower Essence Messages

Whether your focus is better health, joy, prosperity, loving more, better relationships, a project you are engaging in, or anything else; these Essences are inspired to assist us to invite more consciousness into our lives, feel better and embody the life we would like to have.

Messages from the Elementals, the ‘Spirits’ of the Plants

1. Walking Iris    1. Walking Iris Essence –  “I bring strength and support for you on your  journey.  I assist you to bridge all the elements involved, as you take effective action towards your intention.” More >>

2. White Camellia   2. White Camellia Essence –  “I assist you to purify your life. I remind you of the beauty and divinity already existing inside and around you all of the time”. More >>

3. Heliconia   3. Heliconia Essence –  “I call up” up your Warrior energy out of atrophy.   I assist you to bring effective change to empower your life. A true Warrior demonstrates  impeccability.” More>>

4. Cat's Whiskers   4. Cat’s Whiskers Essence  “I enhance extrasensory and peripheral awareness. When at ‘crossroads’ or decisions, I assist you to get clarity. New beginnings.” More>>

5. Ivory Curl   5. Ivory Curl Essence –  “I nourish communication and interaction within the diversity of all life. I inspire reverence for all life and everything.”  More>>

6. Wollemi   6. Wollemi Pine Essence –   “I have travelled through millions of years. When we live in harmonious communion with Nature and Source, we have the natural abundance to be nourished long term and thrive.”   More>>

7. Blue-Violet Butterfly   7. Blue Butterfly Bush Essence“You are beautiful and I love you, regardless of any imperfections you think you may have. Spread your wings and play with me.”   More>>

8. Curcuma Magic   8. Curcuma Magic Essence“I assist you to move on from the past into the flowering light of awareness. I help you write a ‘new’ life with your creative power.”   More>>

9. Passionflower   9. Passionflower Essence“I help you appreciate the qualities in yourself and humankind. I assist you to set healthy boundaries, transcend anxiety and suffering, and thrive.” More>>

10. Blue-Black Salvia   10. Blue-Black Salvia Essence –   “I assist you to move from inner turbulence into increased calm, greater intimacy and joy. I enhance your receptivity to your own deeper guidance.”  More>>

 11. Frangipani   11. Frangipani Essence“I inspire purity and passion, assist you to think for yourself, and to reach for your higher guidance within.” More>>

12. Pink Geranium   12. Pink Geranium Essence –  “I help you soothe and balance emotions. I assist you on the road to loving yourself and personal freedom.”   More>>

13 Starfruit   13.  Starfruit Tree Essence –  “When you feel ‘stuck’, I remind your to align to the ‘Star’ you already are; so you are your own guiding light.”   More>>

14. Phoenix   14. Phoenix Essence: Red Bird of ParadiseCreation –  “I help you energise your vision. Believe in your dream, activate your unique potential, and birth something extraordinary.” (Do not use Essence 1st trimester pregnancy) More>>

15. Bridal Veil   15. Bridal Veil Essence –  “I assist you to be more receptive to your higher guidance, and magnetise the life that fulfils and nourishes you.” More>>

“What would it take for me to become the greatest version of who I envision myself to be?”


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