My Journey back to Me

It was my own lack of Self-empowerment that led me to develop intuitive skills to create the life I would like; these skills continue to evolve as I do.

A turning point for me was when I went to change a habit, and it wasn’t easy to do. I became aware I wasn’t consciously directing my life. I was more at the effect of my life, rather than being the conscious Creator of it. This awareness was a catalyst for me to begin to develop my inner power and to be able to make effective changes. It led me onto a path of Self Discovery; the path of recognising who I am.

Years ago I had a dream “where I was driving a little car along a highway and a huge wind threatened to blow me off the road or into other cars coming the other way. It took all my strength to keep the car on my side of the road. I came to the edge of a high cliff at the edge of the sea, below the cliff was a beach. To continue my journey I would have to drive down into the valley, pass by the beach, and then make my way up the other side.

I looked seaward and I saw a huge tidal wave coming towards the beach. I knew the journey ahead may be difficult, however I also knew I couldn’t go back the way I had come; going forward was the only way through. I drove down into the valley and when I reached the bottom, the car began to steadily fill up with water from the surging tide caused by the incoming tidal wave. I opened the door and got out of the car. People were in chaos and many were drowning. I found myself climbing up the other side of the valley. It was dark and I couldn’t see, the only way forward was by using my tactile and inner senses to feel my way carefully along and up the steep incline while I kept close to the side of the mountain. I was alone, yet I could hear people losing their footing and falling into the chasm screaming as they fell. Step by step I made my way up, sometimes crawling, sometimes upright – and …. finally I could see the path and everything opened up. As I made progress the colours became more vibrant and everything had a sense of vitality and nourishment which increased in intensity as I climbed higher. As I approached the top of the mountain there was a feeling of abundance; lush green grass, blue sky, a brilliance of flowers and trees; there were people to greet me; they were very pleased to see me. I was handed a coloured silk scarf. I felt totally loved and received, everyone was smiling, happy and there was an enormous sense of harmony, ease and Oneness.”


I chose this dream as it aptly describes the metaphor of my inner journey.

The wind was so strong (the winds of change, focus & thinking),  I could hardly keep me or the car (me and my life) on the road. The only way through was by going down into the valley.  I  see a huge tidal wave coming (a huge emotional upheaval, spiritual alignment).

Once in the valley, I had to get out of the car, and leave who I thought I was behind.
As I found myself climbing up the other side of the valley, it was dark and I couldn’t see where to go. I had to feel (intuition) my way through.  I had to rely and trust my own inner guidance, and intuit the next best step for me; what felt good or not. I could hear people losing their footing and falling ( death of old patterns and habits such as fear, limited beliefs and thinking). Being guided by what felt better, I was able to find the best way through. Eventually I could see again, and the path opened up; colours became more vibrant and the sense of vitality, nourishment and joy increased in intensity, as I climbed higher (into alignment).

As the journey unfolds, I get more clarity, and life becomes easier to negotiate. My thoughts, feelings and actions continue to progressively come into alignment. I know I am not alone, and that I never have been. I am aware of an ever increasing interconnectedness with everyone and everything, where Consciousness unites us; and at the same time, we are individually a unique expression of Source.

Always in a state of becoming, I am simultaneously completing and beginning. Like a little rock sitting in the sand with the waves washing over it; after a period of time the rock becomes clean and pure and you can see who the rock is.



©2016-2019  Bronwyn Price