Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions

Energy is the basis of all life. Only when energy is flowing and harmonious do we experience joy and a sense of wellbeing.

I assist you to relax and release resistance (pain, stress, tension and dis-ease), so you become more receptive to the natural state of wellbeing that already exists inside you. When you feel better, it is easier to think more positively, health improves and life flows more easily.

Whether you would like a soothing hands-on balancing session, or take a metaphoric inner-journey towards what you want, the choice is yours. When we get into alignment with what we desire; that’s when the ‘magic’ happens in our lives.

What could happen in a session?

pamphlet-healing-hands  Hands-on: non-invasive energy-based healing. Soothing, calming & balancing.

website-voice-dialogue  Clear stuck or blocked energy:  reach for clarity, harmonious thoughts and emotions -realignment.

website-pamphlet-bottles You are the colours you choose: intuitively select ‘liquid colour in bottles’ to enhance your session.

website-pamphlet-bottlesColoured Light Therapy : projecting coloured light onto the body and into the aura (energy field).

flower-essence-bottleFlower Essences: not available at this stage

website-pamphlet-white-featherCreative visualisation: take a metaphoric inner-journey towards wellbeing.

How many sessions?

Every personal session is different for each person. Whether you come for one session or several, depends on what you are choosing for you, as part of your journey to more wellbeing, peace and joy.

(If you are under a Doctor’s care, you should consult your Physician before having a treatment.  This service is not intended to be, and may not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or psychiatric advisory or treatment and I do not claim to diagnose or cure any disease or illness.  For medical diagnosis or treatment I recommend that you consult your GP or other appropriate service provider)


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