15. Bridal Veil Essence


15. Bridal Veil Pack “I assist you to be more receptive to your higher guidance, and magnetise a life that fulfils and nourishes you.”

Bridal Veil Essence Pack

$30.00 each pack

Personal Flower Essence 20ml. Pamphlets and 4 inspirational cards (65x90mm business card size).

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Bridal Veil is the 15th in a series of Flower Essences, each having their own unique expression and qualities.

This graceful shrub has beautiful cascading clusters of white flowers, elegant against the glossy dark green foliage. Fruits of green berries framed by  pink-red stars emerge after flowering. The floral displays attract many pollinators to the garden.

Possible Symptoms: Magnetising and attracting what you don’t like, controlling, unable to receive, putting others first, unworthy – guilt, focusing on lack, low voltage energy, partitioned-off inside.

Positive Attributes: Magnetise/attract what you would like, receiving, abundance, nourishment of  self, raise frequency, high voltage energy, deserving, fulfilment, inner and outer communion. Joy. Apportation. Being  receptive to Higher Self.  Bliss.

Bridal Veil’s beautiful elegant floral displays ‘draw’ us in to ‘receive.’ It is as blessed to receive as it is to give. When giving is done from joy, it is ‘gifting’; and both parties receive in the interaction. The more we are able to receive, the more we are able to gift.

It is more self-empowering to show someone how to ‘fish’, than forever doing the ‘fishing’ for them. Life will try to pull us in, and it is our personal choice whether we take what life offers or not. What shows up in our reality is the ‘out-picturing’ of what is happening within us consciously and unconsciously.

Our focus determines our reality. What if you focus on what you would like, yet you keep attracting the opposite? This is a good indication something needs to change. You may have to change your beliefs, thoughts, emotional state, or habits. Are you focusing on what you lack or what you desire?

We cannot expect to attract something different, if we continue to operate the same way, over and over again. We have to step outside our programming of how we have always done it, and be receptive to a new possibility. When we are receptive to something  different, the veil lifts, and another possibility can show itself to us. The possibility has always been there, yet we live the illusion that it isn’t, until our perception shifts and we have a ‘break-through’. This is a self-perpetuating reality. When we change, reality changes to match us.

When we increase our voltage and raise our frequency by feeling really good and deserving, the lower voltage conditioning falls away. We begin to magnetise a life that truly nourishes and fulfils us. Bridal Veil inspires us to walk through the veils of separation, embrace our Higher Self, and bring communion to the separations both inside and outside ourselves. Bliss.

Taking your Essence –

Administer your essence whenever you feel you require it. Take a few drops either under the tongue, topically, or in a glass of water.

To get better results, state to yourself what you would like your Essence to assist you with, and   expect good things to come. How would having this desired outcome make you feel? For example, would it bring more peace, joy, freedom, empowerment or love? Feel and imagine what it would be like, as if it is already here; every time you have your Essence.

An Essence helps us to restore emotional balance, making it easier to reach for better thoughts and feelings. The better we feel, the more we are in alignment with our desire and wellbeing.

“What would it take for me to …….?
(say whenever you take your Essence and when inspired to)

  • have radiant and vital health.
  • have loving expansive relationships where we all flourish
  • be in the right place at the right time.
  • be receptive to my Higher Self’s inner-guidance
  • magnetise the abundant blissful life that I desire with ease, grace and elegance.
  • bring integration and communion inside me

Emotions are a guidance system from our Higher Self. Thoughts and emotions that don’t feel good lead us away from what we desire. Thoughts and emotions that feel good take us towards what we want.

Guidance can come to you in many ways; an urge to improve your life, intuition, an insight, a knowing, a dream, an inspirational idea, something you see or read or maybe something someone says, etc.  Move in the direction of what feels good for you.

Bridal Veil Essence 20mls
Vibrational Infusion of Bridal Veil flower petals and distilled water. Brandy 33.33% to preserve freshness (12.33% alcohol by volume)

(All care is taken in the production and quality of this essence; however you take full responsibility in using this essence, this service is not intended to be, and may not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or psychiatric advisory or treatment and I do not claim to diagnose or cure any disease or illness. For medical diagnosis or treatment I recommend that you consult your GP or other appropriate service provider)


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