3. Heliconia Essence


3. Heliconia Pack (1)“I call up” up your Warrior energy out of atrophy.
I assist you to bring effective change to empower your life. A true Warrior demonstrates impeccability.”

Heliconia Essence Pack

$30.00 each pack

Personal Flower Essence 20ml
Pamphlets and 4 inspirational cards (65x90mm business card size).

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Heliconia is the 3rd in a series of Flower Essences, each having their own unique expression and qualities.

The Heliconia flower is a long-lasting vibrant tropical flower with hues of red, green and yellow. Bold and spectactular, Heliconia beckons admiration.

Possible Symptoms: Challenges, dysfunctional relationships, addictive patterns, apathy, anger, feel impotent in any area of life, lazy, lack of motivation, weak, undeveloped potential, fear, critical, disrespect, unworthy.

Positive Attributes: Power, impeccability, empowerment, action, strength, stamina/longevity, confidence, healthy relationships and life, thinking clearly,  bringing new ideas into physicality, creativity, self-respect/worth, utilising potential, courage, ‘get moving’, leading by ‘walking your talk’ –  integrity, empowerment.

Heliconia ‘calls up’ our warrior energy out of atrophy. When this energy is suppressed and not utilised, it becomes a ’dead weight’ we carry around. It adheres to dysfunctional patterns and it takes huge reserves of our energy to keep these distortions functioning. When we refocus and utilise this potential  energy consciously, we can bring effective change and empower our lives.

Heliconia assists us to take charge of our lives,  make changes, remove what isn’t healthy and focus on what is. A true Warrior has strength, self-respect and inner alignment; because of this, he/she seldom has to fight, unless necessary. He/She wields power wisely, is ready to take action and moves through challenges in an empowered way. Whatever a Warrior puts his/her attention to, he/she follows through with impeccability; whether this be in the form of challenges, exercise, health, work, a creative project, etc. Integrity. Living by  example. What are you choosing, and who would you like to become in your life?

Taking your Essence –

Administer your essence whenever you feel you require it. Take a few drops under the tongue, topically, or in a glass of water.

To get better results, state to yourself what you would like your Essence to assist you with, and expect good things to come. How would having this desired outcome make you feel?

For example, would it bring more peace, joy, freedom, empowerment or love? Feel and imagine what it would be like, as if it is already here; every time you have your Essence.

An Essence helps us to restore emotional balance, making it easier to reach for better thoughts and feelings. The better we feel, the more we are in alignment with our desire and wellbeing.

What would it take for me to……………?”
(say whenever you take your Essence and when inspired to) 

  • have an honest healthy relationship with me
  • inspire my creative talent, and take constructive action towards my inspiration
  • enhance & prosper from my business, creativity, etc.
  • be vital, strong, and feel really good
  • ‘walk my talk’ and live with integrity
  • be clear thinking and deserving
  • have respect for who I am

Emotions are a guidance system from our Higher Self. Thoughts and emotions that don’t feel good lead us away from what we desire. Thoughts and emotions that feel good take us towards what we want.

Guidance can come to you in many ways; an urge to improve your life, intuition, an insight, a knowing, a dream, an inspirational idea, something you see or read or maybe something someone says, etc. Move in the direction of what feels good for you.

Personal Flower Essence: 20mls
Vibrational Infusion of Heliconia Flower Petals and distilled water. Brandy 33.33% to preserve freshness (12.33% alcohol by volume)

(All care is taken in the production and quality of this essence; however you take full responsibility in using this essence, this service is not intended to be, and may not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or psychiatric advisory or treatment and I do not claim to diagnose or cure any disease or Illness. For medical diagnosis or treatment I recommend that you consult your GP or other appropriate service provider)


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