People share their experiences

A few ‘excerpts’ from people about their experience……

“I have known Bronwyn for many years and I am privileged to express my gratitude and respect for Bronwyn’s high professional expertise and qualifications, extensive knowledge and experience. I am a therapist myself and there are times when I need help from the outside. Again and again it has been proved how very perceptive, intuitive and ‘knowing’ Bronwyn is. She assisted me to reach the deepest levels of my psyche and at the same time being respectful and non-intrusive. Bronwyn helped me to reach for my inner wisdom, to ‘see’ and understand myself from many angles. To recall my power and control over my life, more trust and confidence in me, higher self-esteem and self-respect……”

“For some time my life has been in turmoil with many problems I found difficult to cope with – it was only when Bronwyn with patience and guidance helped me through to where I gained self-belief and peace of mind again. Bronwyn’s expertise and credentials are testament of her natural ability and dedication to helping others. I do encourage anyone to contact Bronwyn in need of help. She is without doubt, ‘a healing light’.

“….At that time, I couldn’t see anything else but my problems. After just one session, everything has changed. I felt lighter, happier, younger and without problem and with lots of possibilities. I am truly grateful for meeting Bronwyn. Her sessions are amazing and her beautiful energy creates magic”.

“Bronwyn is such a beautiful soul and was a wonderful support to me when I was in a difficult phase of my journey. Her loving care, her understanding, her wisdom, her willingness to be present to whatever showed up and her many skills and talents were invaluable to me. She creates a safe place to undergo transformation”.

“I have had the greatest experience of clearing my emotional state and blockages in my life due to Bronwyn. She has the ability to reach the core of your issue then clear it. Her technique is easy, simple and effective. Bronwyn shows no judgment. She is ….”

“I have known Bronwyn for 10 years now and had many sessions with her. I have to say that she is truly amazing healer and earth Angel. After every healing I had, I had run of good luck for months. She also can sort out any issues and specific problem in person’s life. I can credit her for helping me with my professional and personal success and I will always continue sessions with Bronwyn. I have sent many friends to Bronwyn and I can see positive changes in their life.  Knowing her is a real privilege…..”

“….whatever you are looking for can find resolution. Fast – really felt cared for, safe and nurtured. Simple – is present with dialogue and connects to authentic self. Effective – because she continues to move through her own individual life adventures for deeper knowing and fulfilment. Always fresh and renewed…”


©2016  Bronwyn Price